Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

May 9th 2010

Today is Mother's Day and it is a significant one for me because this is the first Mother's Day that my mother will not be around. So when that thought hit me, my eyes grew hot and tears welled up in my eyes. I really miss her. I know we really didn't communicate to much the last years of her life due to her illness, but I loved partaking of her sweet calm spirit as I sat by her side as she lay in her bed. So I thought I would write a little blog to you, Mom. I miss you so much. I thought maybe I would read your poems today to feel a little bit closer to you. Thanks so much for writing them. I would like to post the first poem because it really means so much to me now that you are gone.

Twin trees marked my seasons as I grew,
Frail leaves changed to measure of the light,
Between two trunks a slim pole joined the two
To hold my swing... my vehicle of flight.
My feet wore out the grass between the trees
With push and soar and point toes to the sky!
When bent across the board with dusty knees
I bruised the earth, I twisted ropes to fly
In circles until sun and leaves were one.
There I heard the gulls scream children's names,
And leaning in the swing, I answered back.
I was a seagull, playing seagull games.
Then soaring, made the old beam sigh and crack.
My brother built a perch out on a limb
That overlooked white lilac's topmost spray.
The purple morning glories vied with him,
And climbed the house to tell the time of day.
Like chirping sparrows, eagerly we played
Around, and in the green box elder shade.

Boxelder trees grow old, green willows sprout,
Around the twisted root that thrust so deep;
They wave new wands through worm, and wind, and drought,
As magic as the memories I keep.