Sunday, March 30, 2014

How long has it been since I blogged. years and years and years and years and years! Just seeing what happens.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

So long Scootie

I learned a lot this week. What happened, you ask? We all know that when we learn something it often comes as a result of a painful experience. Scooter, our beloved 5 yr old Chihuahua, died on Friday. We actually had to put him to sleep, but not until after we kept him alive for several days with efforts from Gem Vet Clinic and West Vet Hospital. Scooter was just too young to die. He had an infection that involved most of his digestive tract and we lost the battle. Had he been strong enough, and if money was no obstacle, we may have opted for an operation even though I still feel he would have succumbed to his illness . I always thought people were crazy to get so attached to dogs. They just become part of the family and you learn to put up with all those aggravating things they do because of all the wonderful things they do. I was in favor of putting him to sleep when he first got sick just to avoid a big vet bill. But If that had happened then some important moments in our lives (particularly Mark's life) would have been lost.
Scooter was Mark's dog. He picked him out from a litter of puppies and I picked out Bear. Bear and Scooter were brothers. Mr. Bear was small and thin with a shaggy, red coat and a lion-like mane around his neck. Scooter was bigger with a sleek white coat and tan markings.
Mark and Scooter began their special relationship. He kept Mark company these last few years as he watched TV in the evenings or sunned in the yard as Mark mowed the lawn. You get the picture. They had a special bond. Bear died almost two years ago when he escaped out the front door and met his fate on a busy road by our house. Bear was a cuddly lap dog but Scooter was a nervous dog and couldn't sit still long enough to sit in laps. He just wanted to lick, everything, which is kind of annoying. He licked Geordie (our big smelly dog) every chance he got.

Talking about Bear brought back a fun memory. They used to "spar" or as Mark would call it, Gladiator Fights. Bear was faster and could out run Scooter. Scooter was bigger and could beat Bear up if he wanted to. Bear would run and finally Scooter would catch him. Then they would bite at each others legs, just in fun. Then they would dramatically stand on their hind legs, face each other off and paw at each other while making serious little munchkin growls. Then the show would be over and they would go to their separate corners to fight another day. They put on quite a show, all for our entertainment. At night they cuddled together in their dog bed.
Friday night before we buried him by his little brother, the family gathered together and talked about all our favorite memories of Scooter. The cutest was when Marcus got him to howl or sing to the music. I think it happened by accident one day, while Marcus was singing and playing his guitar. Scooter just started to howl. So they howled together for awhile until Scooter would stop, looking bewildered. Pretty much Marcus was the only one who could get him to do that. Many times a day, I heard Mark greet Scooter with, "Cooootieeee". I will miss that.

Thursday night it was decided that if Scooter hadn't improved by morning we would let him go. He fought hard but wasn't any better Friday morning. Mark went to the Vet hospital with the boys to say their last good-byes and take him home. Scooter had IV's in his arms as he lay burrowed in blankets inside his cage. He was heavily medicated and looked tired. He hadn't had any solid foods for six days. The boys took turns holding Scoot in their laps and said their good-byes. Now this is the sweet part of the story so get ready. As Scooter lay limply on Mark's lap, with tear-filled eyes he said "Scooter, I'm so sorry I have to let you know dad loves you?". Just at that moment, with what little strength he had left, Scooter stood up and turned around. He put his little paws up on Mark's chest, brought his face close to Mark's and peered into his eyes. Then he laid back down. There was no doubt in anyone's mind Scootie knew what he was saying and was answering him. Yes he loved him, and yes it was OK to let him go. I would have hated for Mark to miss out on that moment.
See you and Bear later, little fellow!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

May 9th 2010

Today is Mother's Day and it is a significant one for me because this is the first Mother's Day that my mother will not be around. So when that thought hit me, my eyes grew hot and tears welled up in my eyes. I really miss her. I know we really didn't communicate to much the last years of her life due to her illness, but I loved partaking of her sweet calm spirit as I sat by her side as she lay in her bed. So I thought I would write a little blog to you, Mom. I miss you so much. I thought maybe I would read your poems today to feel a little bit closer to you. Thanks so much for writing them. I would like to post the first poem because it really means so much to me now that you are gone.

Twin trees marked my seasons as I grew,
Frail leaves changed to measure of the light,
Between two trunks a slim pole joined the two
To hold my swing... my vehicle of flight.
My feet wore out the grass between the trees
With push and soar and point toes to the sky!
When bent across the board with dusty knees
I bruised the earth, I twisted ropes to fly
In circles until sun and leaves were one.
There I heard the gulls scream children's names,
And leaning in the swing, I answered back.
I was a seagull, playing seagull games.
Then soaring, made the old beam sigh and crack.
My brother built a perch out on a limb
That overlooked white lilac's topmost spray.
The purple morning glories vied with him,
And climbed the house to tell the time of day.
Like chirping sparrows, eagerly we played
Around, and in the green box elder shade.

Boxelder trees grow old, green willows sprout,
Around the twisted root that thrust so deep;
They wave new wands through worm, and wind, and drought,
As magic as the memories I keep.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

to anyone who is interested enough to visit the new Mark and Sharon blog page. What better time would there be to start a blog than when we have two new grandchildren to brag about. We have been really blessed this year by the addition of two grand-daughters to our family.We would like to thank Beth's parents, Jesse and Marisa and Marie's parent's Brett and Rachel for doing a really great job! We adore our little grand babies and would love to tend them anytime. It even makes up for the fact that we are getting really old.

I like to think that Marie waited for me to arrive in Vacaville to be born on July 27th. I am glad I got to be there because it was a wonderful experience. I have been staying with Rachel and Brett for 3 weeks and I have to say Brett has been a real good sport about it. I have enjoyed watching them enjoy their new baby. Holding grand babies is my favorite thing to do! Mark visited them the week before Marie was born. I would have to say that it is funner to see the baby after she is born. Mark and Malcolm were really taking a motorcycle trip to San Francisco but I will let him tell you about that. Marie is a sweet natured and she has already gained a pound (she is now 7lbs 5ounces)! Rachel and I are working on a joint effort to make Marie a blessing dress.
Going backwards in time, the night before Marie was born, Beth ( Jesse and Maresa's baby) was blessed on a Saturday evening, July 26th at the home of her Grandparents (Thayne). She had just attended at Dutson family reunion and was a bit tired but beautiful as ever. I am so glad it worked out that I could go to both the blessing and the birth of Marie. Beth' was born April 2nd and her blessing was delayed a few months because she spent the first month of her life in the ICU. She and her parents proved that they were strong and have what it takes to overcome trials. We are so proud of them.

This is the very proud Grandpa who has finally figured out that puppy's aren't children,
grand babys are!
Say uncle! Nigel, Mal and Beth

Speaking of Proud... Malcolm graduated from Emmett High this spring. You can see his enthusiasm. He is now working at Sonic, saving his money for College and paying for the hunk of machinery road bike he just took to SanFancisco. I will let him tell you about that. He wants to go into film making, writing like his cousin Robbie. We know he will excel whatever he puts his mind to. I think he ought to go into acting because he looks like Jake on that series Jericho.
Nigel has persevered through the summer and is living at home for the time being. He has great courage and fortitude, having to put school and his dreams on hold. His health is improving and he is getting pretty bored. He will be visiting Brett and Rachel in a few weeks to check out the California scene. Nigel has only one year to go before getting his Bachelors in a Math degree. He deserves a medal for his accomplishments. We are very proud of him.
This is a picture of Marcus celebrating a birthday...not the fact he will be released from his mission on September 17th. He has mixed feelings -excited to come home but he has a love for the people in Peru and will miss them and the work. Mark and I are going to fly to Peru and pick him up via our connections with the airlines (Jesse) thank-you. We are going to stay with the lovely Arrambide Family (cousin Amy) for a few nights and then take a tour that will include Machu-Pichu.
We are very excited and while it seems like not very long since Marcus left on his mission, it seems like forever since I've seen him!

Leaving you with this thought,

Trials may come and trials may go, but blessings are forever.