Sunday, August 17, 2008

to anyone who is interested enough to visit the new Mark and Sharon blog page. What better time would there be to start a blog than when we have two new grandchildren to brag about. We have been really blessed this year by the addition of two grand-daughters to our family.We would like to thank Beth's parents, Jesse and Marisa and Marie's parent's Brett and Rachel for doing a really great job! We adore our little grand babies and would love to tend them anytime. It even makes up for the fact that we are getting really old.

I like to think that Marie waited for me to arrive in Vacaville to be born on July 27th. I am glad I got to be there because it was a wonderful experience. I have been staying with Rachel and Brett for 3 weeks and I have to say Brett has been a real good sport about it. I have enjoyed watching them enjoy their new baby. Holding grand babies is my favorite thing to do! Mark visited them the week before Marie was born. I would have to say that it is funner to see the baby after she is born. Mark and Malcolm were really taking a motorcycle trip to San Francisco but I will let him tell you about that. Marie is a sweet natured and she has already gained a pound (she is now 7lbs 5ounces)! Rachel and I are working on a joint effort to make Marie a blessing dress.
Going backwards in time, the night before Marie was born, Beth ( Jesse and Maresa's baby) was blessed on a Saturday evening, July 26th at the home of her Grandparents (Thayne). She had just attended at Dutson family reunion and was a bit tired but beautiful as ever. I am so glad it worked out that I could go to both the blessing and the birth of Marie. Beth' was born April 2nd and her blessing was delayed a few months because she spent the first month of her life in the ICU. She and her parents proved that they were strong and have what it takes to overcome trials. We are so proud of them.

This is the very proud Grandpa who has finally figured out that puppy's aren't children,
grand babys are!
Say uncle! Nigel, Mal and Beth

Speaking of Proud... Malcolm graduated from Emmett High this spring. You can see his enthusiasm. He is now working at Sonic, saving his money for College and paying for the hunk of machinery road bike he just took to SanFancisco. I will let him tell you about that. He wants to go into film making, writing like his cousin Robbie. We know he will excel whatever he puts his mind to. I think he ought to go into acting because he looks like Jake on that series Jericho.
Nigel has persevered through the summer and is living at home for the time being. He has great courage and fortitude, having to put school and his dreams on hold. His health is improving and he is getting pretty bored. He will be visiting Brett and Rachel in a few weeks to check out the California scene. Nigel has only one year to go before getting his Bachelors in a Math degree. He deserves a medal for his accomplishments. We are very proud of him.
This is a picture of Marcus celebrating a birthday...not the fact he will be released from his mission on September 17th. He has mixed feelings -excited to come home but he has a love for the people in Peru and will miss them and the work. Mark and I are going to fly to Peru and pick him up via our connections with the airlines (Jesse) thank-you. We are going to stay with the lovely Arrambide Family (cousin Amy) for a few nights and then take a tour that will include Machu-Pichu.
We are very excited and while it seems like not very long since Marcus left on his mission, it seems like forever since I've seen him!

Leaving you with this thought,

Trials may come and trials may go, but blessings are forever.